You might have seen it here and then: 360 degrees panoramic images, fully interactive and sometimes in an amazing quality and depth. You can pan around and zoom into details, depending on the resolution of the panoramic image.

Now there is a new trend in the Internet and Multimedia: VR (Virtual Reality. With VR googles you can explore not just the common 360 pictures, but now 360 movies as well. It’s like sitting in the center of the scene, being part of it. While you watch something in front of yourself, things are happening left, right and behind your view.

We believe this is the future of watching movies. Controlling what you see with your own view. And it was never easier creating such 360 movies and pictures. You do not need a costly array of cameras and hours of stitching and composing anymore. All you need is a little camera like the Samsung Gear or similar and record your own clips in Ultra High Definition.