We started exploring the art of photography very early in school. By building a wooden pinhole camera and developing the negative in the darkroom, we loved to play with light and shadow. Shortly later, we got our first 35mm AGFA and went to explore the environment using black & white Ilford and Fuji film and our own home darkroom.

As computer and digital cameras were improving, we started to bring Photography into the World of Multimedia. The first results were pretty poor. Low resolution and bad image processors were limiting good results. But 10 years later digital SLR cameras were challenging their analog counterparts the first time.

Today we shoot highest quality pictures with professional equipment and process the result in picture processing software for many purposes. From digital publishing on websites to multimedia like TV and DVD to print publications.

Our approach is always to see the specialty of a scene, the hidden treasures of a moment and capture it. We enhance the raw shootings digitally and deliver a result which will surprise you.

One of our specialities is Event photography like conventions, exhibitions, meetings and parties. But we also like to get challenged in other fields. Since some month we also create special 360 degree high-resolution panoramic pictures. These scenes can be integrated into websites to give users a very special experience.