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About Juergen Buschbaum

I love my wife Heidi, the great outdoors, travelling and diving. I like discussions, having a beer and being with friends.
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The World is round

You might have seen it here and then: 360 degrees panoramic images, fully interactive and sometimes in an amazing quality and depth. You can pan around and zoom into details, depending on the resolution of the panoramic image.

Now there is a new trend in the Internet and Multimedia: VR (Virtual Reality. With VR googles […]

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20 years of The DIVISION

These days we are proudly celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The DIVISION.

Founded in 1995 in Heidenheim/Brenz in Germany it has been a great time with a lot of development and changes. We grew on the challenges of our clients and the World of Multimedia. The Internet, Social Media, the power of Google and last […]

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